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9. Authors

Many, many people have helped XChat, too many to list. You know who you are, thank you.

Many others helped with other changes. If you submitted a patch and want your name included here, let know

9.1 Maintainers

Peter Zelezny (AKA: zed) puts together all the patches into one (hopefully) complete whole. He controls the web site and all 'real' releases of XChat come from him. He also handles the Freshmeat and GNOME AppList announcements. Anything in the ChangeLog without a name by it is usually his work. His e-mail address is

Adam Langley (AKA: Nebulae) (that's me) handles the documentation and chunks of the code, mostly the signals and plugin code. Releases from me (just ask me for them on elitenet,#linux) are not 'real' releases and are not always stable.

Other people chip in code and ideas from time to time, mostly to zed, on Elitenet,#linux.

Patches should be mailed to Peter only unless it's against one of my releases. If you need advice or help on XChat firstly look though this document then ask someone on Elitenet,#linux - but beware the people on #linux are not support staff, they may just laugh at you ;)

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