XmHTML Distribution Sites

Master Site: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ripley/XmHTML

Alternate Sites


United States

Volunteers for additional distribution sites are welcome.

Daily Snapshots

Daily snapshots are also available. They represent my current version and as such may not behave as expected, they may not even compile. Use at your own risk.

Due to diskspace limitations my ISP poses, only one snapshot is available at any given time. Patches between snapshots are also available so you don't need to download the entire archive, but just have to get the patches to move to the latest version.

You can find them here and at. http://www.nerdnet.nl

Mailing Lists

You can subscribe to the XmHTML mailing list by sending an email to Majordomo@simplicity.net and placing the following in the BODY of your mail:

subscribe xmhtml-dev <your email address>

You will receive a message confirming your subscribtion.

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