XmHTML Debug Resources

To somehow ease XmHTML development, a number of debug resources are available. These resources are only effective when XmHTML is compiled with the -DDEBUG symbol defined, although the resource names can be used at all times.

Debug Resources

Name Type Default Access
XmNdisableWarnings Boolean False CSG
XmNdebugSaveClipmasks Boolean False CSG
XmNdebugFilePrefix String NULL CSG
XmNdebugLevels String NULL CSG
XmNdebugNoAnimationLoopCount Boolean False CSG

When set to False, XmHTML will show every warning that occurs. If enabled, a lot of warnings will be generated mainly be the parser and formatting routines. This resource has no effect when _XmHTMLWarning has been called with a NULL argument for the widget.

When set to True, each time a clipmask is created it will be saved to a file called <image-name>.<number>.xbm.

This resource enables you to take a look at the internal representation of the parsed HTML file, it need not be the same as the input file. This is mainly intended for checking the parser's ability to add closing elements on <p>, <li>, <dd> and <dt>. An output file is generated for every file/text parsed. The name of the output file is the prefix appended with the number of files parsed so far, e.i., the first file will have the extension 0, the next will have 1 and so on.

This is probably the most powerfull debug resource: it enables debug output at a source-file level and allows one to examine closely what XmHTML is doing. This resource is specified as a comma separated list of numbers. Each number represents a separate source file. See the file DEBUGGING for the mapping used.
The amount of output generated by using this resource can be enormous, so you might whish to save it to a file and examine it later.

This resource allows one to take a closer look at animations that have a limited loopcount. A loopcount is the number of times an animation should be run. Setting this resource to True, XmHTML will ignore any loopcount setting found in an animation and thus each animation will run forever.

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