XmHTML Widget Set Datatypes

XmHTML Datatypes

An enumeration value used by the XmNformCallback callback resource. Identifies the type of a form member. Possible values are:

FORM_CHECK checkbox
FORM_FILE file selection box
FORM_HIDDEN hidden input
FORM_IMAGE drawnbutton
FORM_OPTION select child
FORM_PASSWD password textfield
FORM_RADIO radiobox
FORM_RESET reset button
FORM_SELECT select parent
FORM_SUBMIT submit button
FORM_TEXT singleline textfield
FORM_TEXTAREA multiline edit field
FORM_UNKNOWN unknown type

An enumeration value representing a HTML tag. There are too many values to list them all (more than 70). See <XmHTML/HTML.h> for a complete list of the possible values this datatype can have.

An enumeration value representing the type of a Uniform Resource Locater. Possible values are:

ANCHOR_ABOUT href="about:..."
ANCHOR_EXEC href="exec:foo_bar"
ANCHOR_FILE_REMOTE href="file://foo.bar/file.html"
ANCHOR_FTP href="ftp://foo.bar/file"
ANCHOR_GOPHER href="gopher://foo.bar:70"
ANCHOR_HTTP href="http://foo.bar/file.html"
ANCHOR_SECURE_HTTP href="https://foo.bar/file.html"
ANCHOR_INFO href="info:.."
ANCHOR_MAILTO href="mailto:foo@bar"
ANCHOR_MAN href="man:..."
ANCHOR_NEWS href="news://foo.bar"
ANCHOR_PIPE href="pipe:foo_bar"
ANCHOR_TELNET href="telnet://foo.bar:23"
ANCHOR_WAIS href="wais://foo.bar"
ANCHOR_XEXEC href="xexec:foo_bar"
ANCHOR_UNKNOWN unknown href
ANCHOR_FILE_LOCAL href="file.html"
ANCHOR_JUMP href="#..."
ANCHOR_NAMED name="...."

Specifies the search direction. Valid values are: XmHTML_FORWARD, search forward, and XmHTML_BACKWARD, search backwards.

An opaque type representing a user-installed HTML element. Used by the XmNobjectCallback callback resource.

An opaque type representing an embedded object. Used by the XmNobjectCallback callback resource.

Specifies the return value of the XmHTMLTextFindString convenience function. Possible values are:

XmREG_ERROR indicates an error occured
XmREG_NOMATCH end of text reached but no matching text found
XmREG_MATCH a valid match was found

An opaque type representing a HTML text search engine.

An opaque type representing a location in the currently displayed document.

An enumeration representing return values from the XmHTMLObject convenience functions. Possible values are:

OBJECT_ALMOST action completed, further action required
OBJECT_DESTROYED object has been destroyed
OBJECT_EMPTY object is empty
OBJECT_ERROR unknown error
OBJECT_FATAL fatal object error has occured
OBJECT_INVALID invalid object
OBJECT_INVALID_LOCATION object has an invalid location
OBJECT_INVALID_SIZE object has an invalid size
OBJECT_LOWERED object is lowered into the current document
OBJECT_MAPPED object is mapped to screen
OBJECT_OK action completed succesfully
OBJECT_ORPHANED object has no parent
OBJECT_PARENTED object already has a parent
OBJECT_RAISED object is raised out of the current document
OBJECT_UNIMPLEMENTED requested function is unimplemented
OBJECT_UNKNOWN unknown object
OBJECT_UNKNOWN_ELEMENT invalid element id
OBJECT_UNMAPPED object has been unmapped
OBJECT_UNUSED object is not being used
OBJECT_USED object is currently being used
OBJECT_VISIBLE object is visible

An enumeration value representing the return value from the various XmImage convenience functions.

XmIMAGE_ERROR unknown error occured
XmIMAGE_BAD bad function call: missing arguments
XmIMAGE_UNKNOWN provided XmImageInfo structure unknown/unbound
XmIMAGE_ALMOST action completed, further response necessary
XmIMAGE_OK action completed successfully

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