XmHTML Widget Set Applications Page

This is a list of applications that are known to use XmHTML in some way. This list is most likely not complete and probably never will be.

Name: Bosy
Description: A threaded, online nntp newsreader
Author: Patrick Caulfield, patrick@pandh.demon.co.uk
URL: http://www.pandh.demon.co.uk/bosy.html
XmHTML: Used as the message display area
Name: MinD
Description: A Motif INterface Designer by flux Software Gmbh.
Author: Flux Software Gmbh.
URL: http://www.flux-online.de
A (free) demo version is available for download.
XmHTML: Used for MinD's help system and supports XmHTML when building interfaces.
Description: The GNU Object Model Environment is a very strong-going effort to design a user-friendly desktop. GNOME is based on gtk, the toolkit developed by the Gimp authors.
Author: Many, many people. gnome-list@gnome.org and other GNOME mailing lists.
URL: http://www.gnome.org
XmHTML: XmHTML has been ported to gtk for use with GNOME by Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena and is used by a few GNOME core applications such as the GNOME help system.
Name: gnucash
Description: A GNOME accounting program, previously known as Xacc.
Author Linas Vepstas, linas@fc.net
URL: http://www.gnucash.org
XmHTML: Used for it's help system.
Name: GNUsheet
Description: A GPL's spreadsheet program under development
Author: Danny Backx Danny.Backx@kb.be
URL: http://users.skynet.be/danny.backx/gnusheet.html
XmHTML: Used for it's help system.
Name: Balsa
Description: GNOME email client.
Author: Stuart Parmenter pavlov@innerx.net
URL: http://www.balsa.net
XmHTML: Used as the message display area
Name: ArahDobby 2.8
Description: Textile weaving CAD/CAM application, with on-screen 1:1 fabric simulation and printout, colorimetry support (CIE Lab) support for all Epson printer models (including Photo 700 and EX) JPEG, GIF export of fabric simulation simulation of multiple layer fabrics, denting, regulator weave editor, warp/weft pattern editor, yarn editor consumption calculation, blankets, optional PANTONE Textile Color System (R) support
Author: Developed by Arahne, d.o.o., arahne@arahne.si
URL: http://www.arahne.si
XmHTML: XmHTML is used to display the production data sheet - yarn consumption calculation. The same data is then exported as HTML and printed out to be passed on to the production department of the weaving mill.
Name: Common Desk Environment (CDE) email client (dtmail)
Description: Sun Microsystem's CDE email client for the sending, receiving, and processing of email.
Scheduled Release Date: Early 1999
Author: Many persons over many years.
URL: http://www.sun.com/solaris/cde
XmHTML: Will be utilized to render html received as email from various other email clients such as Netscape, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.
Name: TNTmips
Description: A commercial GIS/Image Processing package for Windows, Unix and Mac.
Author: MicroImages, Inc.
URL: http://www.microimages.com A lite version is available for download at the above url or can be obtained on CD for about US$35.
XmHTML: We're using XmHTML for "About" boxes and stuff initially. Plan to eventually use the layout/rendering stuff by itself to render map legends as HTML text blocks.
Name: NCAR DataVision
(NCAR = National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Description: GUI for accessing, processing, and visualizing scientific data based on the NCL command language
Scheduled Release Date: Early 1999
Authors: David Brown, Jeff Boote, Ethan Alpert. ncarginf@ucar.edu
URL: http://www.ndv.ucar.edu/
XmHTML: High level graphical objects (e.g. ContourPlot, VectorPlot) are configured using resources similar to those of Motif or the XmHTML widget itself. A tree widget displays information about the resources and has editable fields for modifying their values. Opening a resource's "Description" row causes an XmHTML widget to display within an XmFrame the documentation for that resource. The XmHTML widget's scrollbars are turned off and the frame is sized to fit the exact length of the resource's description. (Scrolling is provided external to the tree widget.) When more than one "Description" row is open, multiple XmHTML widgets are simultaneously instantiated each displaying a different portion of the document using the same XmHTML layout data structure (which is saved in a cache by the application). Plans call for the XmHTML widget to be embedded at other locations within the application as well. The goal is to make the application fully self-documenting.


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