XmHTML Widget Set

This document is the main index to the XmHTML Widget Set documentation. XmHTML provides a widget capable of displaying HTML 3.2 conforming text.

These pages will be updated regularly as the development of this widget progresses. Keep an eye on them!

The XmHTML Widget Set is unique in its kind: it is the only HTML 3.2 widget set available under the GNU Library General Public License. As such, XmHTML can be used for both commercial and non-commercial applications.

September 11, 1998, released XmHTML Beta 1.1.5

This page tells you where you can find it.

XmHTML reaches the press! Read the article about XmHTML Eric Foster-Johnson wrote in his Cross Thoughts column of Unix Review's Performance Computing magazine.

Table of Contents

  1. Where to get XmHTML and the XmHTML mailing list
  2. XmHTML Widget Set Overview
  3. Description of latest changes
  4. Legal Issues, distribution and licensing
  5. Copyright Notices
  6. XmHTML Widget Set Programmers and Reference Guide
  7. XmHTML Manual Pages
  8. XmHTML PNG Demo Page
  9. HTML Extensions implemented by XmHTML
  10. List of applications using XmHTML

Pointers to other Web related sites:

The full package of these web pages is also available for downloading: XmHTML.html.tar.gz (136826 bytes).

XmHTML Widget Set Overview

The XmHTML Widget Set currently consists of two widgets:

The XmHTML Widget Set also contain a number of routines which allow one to make full use of XmHTML's image support for purposes other than XmHTML.

Plans for the future include the migration of XmHTML's image support into a seperate Image library to allow authors to add image support to their applications with a single call.

Features missing in the current version of XmHTML are the following:

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