Berkeley DB: DbEnv.set_errcall

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import com.sleepycat.db.*;

public interface DbErrcall { public abstract void errcall(String prefix, String buffer); } public class DbEnv { public void set_errcall(DbErrcall errcall); ... }


The DbEnv.set_errcall method can be used to replace the mechanism for reporting error messages to the user. By default, DB native methods write error messages using the C library's stderr, which are often not visible in the Java environment. To allow alternative styles of error reporting, set_errcall can be called with a single object argument. The object's class must implement the DbErrcall interface. When an error occurs, the object's errcall() method is invoked with two arguments; the first is the prefix string (set by set_errpfx), the second will be the error message string. It is up to this method to display the message in an appropriate manner.



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